Schläppi Mannequins 2200 series by Bonaveri for exhibition ‘Haute-à-Porter’ at Fashion Museum Hasselt

Just returned from our trip to Hasselt’s Fashion Museum where we enjoyed the opening night of a splendid new exhibition, curated by Mr. Filep Motwary, the internationally acclaimed costume designer, journalist and photographer. An idea he had became a very rich exhibition.

With this exhibition Filep Motwary considers the relation between pret à porter and haute couture. And by all means this was an experience we would like to highly reccommend our clients, blogfollowers and other related fashion friends and –students.

Through a variety of themes and a selection of spectaculair silhouettes and accessories from high end designers and fashion houses, ‘Haute-a-Porter’ highlights the significance of haute couture for contemporary fashion. Completed with photography, film, art and music by dozens of creators from the 1980s to today the exhibition offers a unique insight into the fashion industry of the last 30 years.

Store Concepts and Bonaveri are proud to be part of this important and significant exhibition and we congratulate all participants and organisers.

The exhibition ‘Haute-à-Porter’ runs at Modemuseum Hasselt from 2 April – 11 September.

So … time enough to visit Hasselt and enjoy your day or a weekend out. Hasselt is actually a very pleasant break and has much more to offer besides this great exhibit. The city’s slogan “Hasselt. Capital of Taste” says it all.

For more information on participant designers/houses/photographers and artists: